Thursday, October 16, 2008

What I'm looking forward to . . .

One would think that since my life and my body is changing, I would be excited about certain things like buying new clothes, going shopping, getting a make over, getting a new hair style, becoming "high maintenance". Well, these things are part of what I'm looking forward to (maybe not the high maintenance part) but there's something that I just can't stop thinking about doing. Getting new underwear, chones, unmentionables. NO JOKE! I want this more than the new pair of jeans or the new dress or cute shirts. I need new underwear!!!!

Maybe this desire has something to do with the understood theory that the "unmentionables" make you feel sexy/good even when they are not seen. Well, in just the reverse, this is true also. When your chones are bunching up and adding a wad of extra material to your crack (and the lovely line that is seen through your clothes) it makes you feel less attractive, less comfortable, and dreaming of the day that you get to purchase undergarments that actually fit!

Now, here's the problem I face . . . I have NO IDEA where to start. I'm not one to "try on" the lovely little undergarments because I wouldn't want someone to have tried them on before me! That is one thing that is not a sharable item of clothing (in my opinion). But all my life I've just guessed at what size to pick and it's always been big (9-10)! Then again, at the LB (Lane Bryant) I always had to go a size or so smaller because they'd be a bit bulky/too big and wouldn't work either. Now, I think the LB size 14/16 are too big. Great news, right? But that also means that all of the others are too big too! Those were the smallest size I had. So, when I venture out of the world of LB chones, what size do I pick? I've always had so many pair of underwear that I never had to think about this stuff. Now I'm down to about 6 or 7 pair that I can actually work with and have to be washing constantly.

The other exciting part of this . . . Could I actually begin to purchase matching sets? I've never been able to fit into the cute little matching sets of unmentionables and now, there's a possibility that I may not be too huge. Am I dreaming? Could this really be happening? Could Heather potentially be wearing cute/sexy/matching undergarments? Oh boy, this is quite a goal and a new found fascination! Now all I need is to win the lottery so I can afford them!!!

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