Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What has gotten into me?

I must admit, things are starting to change around here! I have intentionally and successfully exercised twice this week! That's right! Monday the elliptical trainer and I were together for 25 minutes and Tuesday (yesterday) we were working together for a good 30 minutes! I will say, Tuesday's session was a bit more difficult than the one I experienced on Monday. I think that's because my body is not completely used to vigorous exercise (only the Wii Fit for the last 32 days) and so it's in a bit of a transition and a bit on the tired side. We will overcome!

I still feel pretty good this morning. I had a little bit of trouble getting to sleep last night because the exercise started a bit too late, but I still woke up feeling good this morning. That's something that is exciting about exercise and I look forward to the continual improvement.

My protein intake was a little bit shy yesterday. I really need to focus on getting 65 to 70 grams a day and I only got in about 45 - 50. Progress, right? This is something I may be working on for ever! I need to bust out the magic bullet and get my protein drink on! It's only been a week, but a full week of being protein deficient can be detrimental! I've got goals! I'm not going to get there by slacking off and being deficient!

I'm looking forward to good things today!

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