Friday, October 24, 2008

The dryer is shrinking my clothes faster than I can shrink myself!

Yesterday I had to do laundry. I had neglected this chore for a little too long. Being that now my "Save the boobies" shirt was clean and I had only worn it once before, I had decided to wear this today. It's Friday, that calls for a more casual attire, right? So, Levis and a sweatshirt (in my opinion) would be the perfect attire. I typically don't get dressed until I'm ready to walk out the door. I hadn't even considered other options. Well, as I placed the sweater on my body, I realized that it didn't fit quite the same. It wasn't that the sweatshirt wouldn't zip or anything, but the sleeves were a little bit short. Then I realized that the whole thing had shrunk! WHAT? This can happen when I'm about 30 pounds lighter, but not now! I'm not ready to not be able to wear it again! I've seriously had this sweatshirt in my closet (unworn) for over a year because I received it as a gift, wanted to wear it, but it didn't fit! Since I had lost 65 lbs, it fit, I wore it once and now, we're back to borderline not fitting. I didn't let that get me down! I wore it anyway! I know, I know, you're probably all thinking, "how tacky", but it's really not that bad. If I push up the sleeves then you can hardly tell that they really come up about 1 - 2 inches from my wrist! It'll be fine! Or at least that's what I keep telling myself!

I'm actually doing better this morning. I kind of forced myself out of yesterday's funk with the WLS friendly 5-minute chocolate cake! YUM! Not that the food itself made me happier, but the action of cooking and being creative did. I still LOVE to cook, whether I can eat it or not. It's very therapeutic for me. I have purchased all sorts of ingredients to be creative with this weekend. It should be very exciting! If you've got any fun recipes that you love, send them my way, I love to play around in the kitchen!

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Michele Elaine said...

Oh, I see... Save the Boobies. I guess it helps if you read them in order. How dare you blog when I am on vacation! :)