Monday, October 6, 2008

A Disneyland adventure!

We did it!!! We took a trip to Disneyland and Jacob actually seemed to have been there for the very first time! It was great. He was such a trooper. He went on Space Mountain (and hated it), Star Tours, Indiana Jones (hated it), Pirates of the Carribean, and his favorite of all . . . Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! We went on that ride 3 times!!! What made me so happy was that he at least tried them before he said he'd never go on them again. I bet, if he tried it again (now knowing what it's like and what to expect), he'd probably love it!

I must be honest. I was a little bit nervous about the trip due to my newly acquired eating regime, but things went pretty well. I was able to hit the Starbucks (in our hotel) every morning and make sure I had my protein in for the day (or at least a good chunk of it). Their Vivanno drink is actually pretty good for a protein shake. Sure, my protein shakes at home are much, much better, but as I often say . . . "Desperate times call for desperate measures". I did attempt to indulge a little in some "snacky" items, but I really wasn't interested - Hallelujiah!!!

I will say I had a fun "wow" moment. It's interesting because I'm just now getting these - but I'm having a blast realizing it! So, the sweatshirt I was wearing was an Extra Large. Not a 1X, not a 2X, but a normal person's Extra Large. In fact, the new T-shirts that I bought to wear over the weekend were Extra Larges too! It's been years since I've been able to wear an extra large anything. Could this mean that some day I may actually wear a Large? I can't imagine ever being in a medium, but I'll take a large any day of the week!

I am having a blast figuring out all of the new things I can try and experiment with. This journey is getting to be more fun as the days go by. The Wii Fit is starting to question my rapid goal achieving yet I love getting to my goal ahead of time! Tonight's goal/challenge is to do 30 minutes of cardio exercise. Whether that be an aerobics tape, elliptical trainer or just taking a walk, I'm going to do it!

Every day is one step closer to the new, healthier, happier Me!

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