Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Unlocking new possibilities

Today is official "weigh in" day. It's that once a week time that I really question if I want to keep this up weekly. YES! Of course I do! It's accountability!!!! So, today, I was up. Of course, it was only .5 lb since last week, but it was still up. It's supposed to be down! I will still blame my week full of working out for this eye opening experience. At least I'm being honest! I'm really starting to question my goals, but I am still determined to get closer to that "onederland" before mid-November.

The discouragement of exercise causing a weight gain did not detour me. I STILL exercised last night. This time, it was me and my Wii fit! I unlocked ALL SORTS of things yesterday! So, now, I have the advanced step aerobics, the penguin fishing game, new strength training AND RHYTHM BOXING!!! I'm unlocking things left and right and it's fun! I really enjoyed my workout yesterday - and it was like I was playing games. We should elect the inventor of the Wii to be President!!!

I joined an online support group today for the help with the wls experience. I'm super excited about it. The members all seem so very cool. I just wish they were closer and I could actually meet these people in person. I'm determined not to just lurk in the shadows of this group. I'm going to be a part of it. I need friends, I need support, I need to know that others are going through the same things. Friends are priceless, even if they are strictly cyberpals! I'm not giving up. I'll be social one way or another.


Michele Elaine said...

I am glad you joined a group of people who you can interact with and talk to about these things. That will definitely help you along! I am very proud of you!

Just Me said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I'm excited for you. Unlocking all of those games, shows dedication. They are fun, and a good workout too. Keep up the good work, it will payoff. For some reason, our bodies like to hold on to the extra cushion, but it will eventually let go. You have done a great job of taking care of you.