Wednesday, October 8, 2008

There's a hole in my cup!

No, really. Every morning I fill a 32 ounce styrofoam (even though I shouldn't use styrofoam because it's not eco-friendly) cup with ice and water. I struggle with getting in my water everyday, but I have found that if I have it in a styrofoam cut with lots of ice (which makes it really cold) that it's easier for me to drink and drink a lot of. Then, I just keep adding ice ALL day long and I feel like I have what I need to get all of the fluid in. Well, this morning, I did exactly what I do every morning. I filled the cup with ice and a bottle of Aquafina (do I get paid for this advertisement?) and off I went. Well, I have a 35 - 40 minute drive to get to work in the morning. I may have taken a couple of sips on my way into work, but I didn't notice a thing. It wasn't until I got to work that it appeared that my cup had sprung a leak. WHAT? Aren't these cups supposed to be fool proof? Well, they aren't. So, I tried to hold the hole with my finger. It worked, but I couldn't do that all day. So, then I went to put tape over the hole. That didn't work because now the tape was all wet. So, I decided to dry the hole and go through styrofoam triage. It worked! Yahoo. Well, it worked for about 30 minutes. Now I've got water leaking through the hole, through the tape, and now dripping into my coaster. Thank goodness I have a coaster!! Do you think it will hold all 32 ounces of my water?

So, today has started off in a decent fashion. I believe I'm finally getting caught up from the exhaustion of the weekend. I guess that's a good thing - but it took until Wednesday? I did really well with the protein over the weekend - even while traveling, but since I've been back, I haven't done so well. I am determined to have one of those yummy chocolate peanut butter smoothies tonight to keep me going. I have definitely found that when I'm lacking in the protein and water areas, my scale and I don't get along. I have big goals. I'll have an appointment with my surgeon in about a month and I want to be in "onederland" by that time. I'm close, but if I don't focus, I will lose out. Now, if only I had 9 hours a day to work out, like the biggest losers, I would be on top of the world. Maybe I should start with actually dedicating ONE full hour to exercise. That is on my list and needs to be accomplished ASAP! At least I'm consistent and improving on the Wii Fit! I'm getting younger and younger by the day!


Michele Elaine said...

I was really worried about the hole in your cup. I am glad you triaged your way through it. Do you know what caused the hole? I have a nifty insulated travel mug that I put drinks in. It hasn't sprung a leak yet...*knocks on wood* I wonder where I got that mug? Hmmm. FORK!

Heather said...

I don't know where it came from, but I certainly didn't like it. Now, can I be sure that I was able to really consume all 32 ounces? Now what shall I do?