Monday, June 28, 2010

Back in the saddle again . . .

Oh yes! I'm back! And it's MONDAY!! Happy Monday to you!

So, what does Monday mean to me? THIS MONDAY (today) means it's time to get back to the important things in life. No more excuses about stress. No more excuses about not having time. I have all the time in world (right now) to get back on track. It's time for me to be closely watching what I shovel into my mouth. It's time for me to be aware of how much (or how little) my body is moving and make it happen! No more excuses! I can't say I'm too stressed out - I'm not working. I can't say I don't have time - I have all the time in the world right now. I can't say that I can't do it - I've got to try! The excuses are just that. An excuse to be lazy and to slip back into what I know (being overweight). I can't do that. It's just not an option. So, to everyone that is changing there focus today - I'm with you!!!

Not only is it Monday, it's going to be a scorcher today (supposed to get to 108 degrees today - ouch)! So, if I am to get back on to my "band wagon" I had better get it is started NOW! My son has already asked if we can go on a bike ride. It's 8am. What did I say? In a minute. Well, in a minute means it will then be too hot. So, hot or not - we will be going on a bike ride. I said we would and I'm sticking to my word! There's nothing like having a seven year old be your inspiration to keep moving. I think he's good for me! :-)

So, back to the last post, I did make it to Six Flags and I fit - with more than enough room. The only problem is that I didn't have the padding so the rides kind of hurt this time. I'll take the hurt and the less padding as a fair exchange! Had a blast, but didn't get any pictures. I'll have to take care of that soon! :-)

It's strange, now that I think of it. I still have the "I don't like pictures" mentality. This doesn't make much sense because when I see a recent picture I think "Wow, that's a pretty good photo". You would think I'd want to be in all of the pictures. I guess these things take time. I will focus on getting in more. I guess it goes to show that old habits die hard.

I'm inspired. I'm positive. Today is a new day, starting a new week. It's going to be a good one, because I am going to make it a good one! I hope we are all able to find inspiration today. It's a beautiful day - no matter where we are - because we're in it!


Jil said...

What an amazing attitude...get out there and kick Mondays collective butt!

and a happy Monday to you...


Bringing Pretty Back said...


Bringing Pretty Back said...

Heather~ I am with you ! The L3's are what get you through life! Thanks for your comment today!
Have a pretty night,