Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer has started . . .

It's official, the little muffin (my son) is off for summer! I'm actually excited about getting out and finding fun things to do. We were supposed to be in Southern California, but an unfortunate event with friends caused us to turn around to come back. It's probably better for all of us, so that my friends can rest and recuperate, but now we have an empty calendar that we can't wait to fill. Today, we will be hanging out in the little pool I purchased yesterday. We won't be getting much exercise (it's a small pool just big enough to cool off), but it should be fun.

I've got to admit, I've been in a much better mood lately. I think that the book (Women, Food & God) is really addressing some things that I've been dealing with. The author states that if we're not happy with who we are, we will never be happy once we lose the weight, get the tummy tuck, get the bat wings removed, etc. This is something that I was JUST talking about at the last support group meeting I went to. I keep thinking that things would be better if I wasn't so self conscious about my flabby belly, my no longer present chest, or my flabby arms that continue to wave long after the arm stopped. But lets be honest, if I get a tummy tuck then I'll focus on the imperfect arms, if I get those fixed, I'll focus on the flabby thighs, then the chest, and so on, and so on. It will NEVER end, unless I stop it now. No one is perfect. Not even the seemingly flawless super models and actresses. But some people are great when dealing with it. Others are confident, why do I struggle so much? Do we think it's really possible to let it all go? Can I (we) come to terms with the great things about us and let the other imperfections go? I want to, I really, really want to. I will continue with this book and see how much closer I can get.

That's the update for today. I know that some of you are in for an excellent day (Jil's hubby is coming home today - she HAS to be stoked) and I am just as excited to hear about them. Thank you all for stopping by and providing support. I really do think there's something positive in being involved with some community - even if it's in cyberspace. Thank you!

Now off to the pool! Yippee!

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Bringing Pretty Back said...

Hi heather! I have not read the book but I watched her on Oprah. I know what you mean.It's hard to love the stretch marks and flab... thats for sure! Your profife photo is beautiful , you are beautiful.
You have lost almost 100 pounds! WOW! That is a huge accomplishment! BRAVO! How fun geading out to the pool, you may not get tons of exercise... but let me ask you this 2 summers ago would you have even bought the pool , let alone got in it? I'm your newest follower and I am cheering you on.
Have a pretty day,