Monday, June 21, 2010

I AM amazing!

While it's true, I'm trying to remind myself that I'm great and have wonderful qualities, I am absolutely amazing at one thing - PROCRASTINATING! If they gave medals, I could quite possibly get the gold. It sad, but so true.

So, I have an interview today! Let's be honest, I have an interview in less than 3 hours. That's a good thing. What is not a good thing is that I have one hour to get a portfolio together, my (very cute) outfit ironed and smart looking, and my head together enough to convince this principal that I am the BEST person for this position. I'm not doubting that things will happen, I'm doubting the greatness that they could've been had I given myself more time. I guess I can't really think much about that, especially considering that I should be doing things and I'm blogging! What a piece of work am I?

Yes, you may think I'm crazy for blogging instead of doing the other things I have, but this is an attempt at me "getting my head together". I had to clear some thoughts and put some positive energy in the air and hopefully get some good thoughts going my way today. Thank you for being my sound board.

Let's talk about why this job should be given to me:
  • I have a true passion and a calling to redemptive service (teaching)
  • I feel that I have the skills and the motivation to create captivating and encouraging lessons for students
  • I teach in a way that inspires and provides the best styles for all students
  • I work really well in collaborative groups and I am always looking for encouragement and criticism
  • I have fun when I'm in the classroom
  • I have high expectations for students and that tends to create a greater drive for them to succeed
  • I will give it my all!

I am excited about this opportunity! I am excited to speak with this principal and even be considered. I hope that my excitement and confidence shows and the "desperation" stays home. I do believe that if this isn't where I'm supposed to be, I won't get the job. I just hope I get to have a peace about it today!

Wish me luck!

I hope you're all in for a very happy Monday! I'll check back and let you know how it goes!


Laurie ( said...

Yes, my dear, you ARE amazing! You'll knock em dead at your interview. :)

Excellent post, and glad to be your sounding board! can't wait to hear how it went!!

Janine said...

I too am sending best wishes for your interview. Hope it all went well!!!

Jil said...

Good luck, Good Luck, Good luck...