Monday, June 21, 2010

An award, I'm honored!

Thank you Laurie for appreciating my ramblings. Who knew it was award worthy?
So, the rules are (if I understand them correctly) that I am to list seven things you may not know about me. Hey, I may find something else about me in the process too.
Here we go . . .
  1. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology. So it's true, crazy people can get enjoyment out of learning about other crazy people. This should come in handy with my new career choice.
  2. I get insomnia every Sunday night. I don't know why, it makes no sense, but it happens. This is all since WLS. I know that I'm not the only one who experiences this side effect, but I know that I don't like it. I need my sleep!
  3. I have a fear of missing out. I get sad when people get together and have fun when I can't be around. I don't think I'm jealous, I just really like hanging out with people and wish I could do it more often.
  4. I am a single women who hates to date. I wish the "right" guy - that's a ton of fun to be with - would just drop in my lap (so to speak) so I don't have to date. I hate the awkward meetings/conversations and I really don't like having to disappoint someone when I don't want to continue with the meeting.
  5. I (we) haven't seen or heard from my son's father (aka - the biological) since before the little muffin turned one. Sometimes this makes me sad because he doesn't have a "Dad" like the other kids do, but I know it's the best thing for him, I just don't know how to explain it all to him so that he'll understand it. He's the light of my life and I can't imagine him thinking that he wasn't wanted. It just kills me. Someday it'll all make sense.
  6. I cannot eat fruit (or much of it) since WLS. I didn't think it would bother me that much, but it kind of does. Sometimes I just want a nice ripe peach, or a few strawberries. Sure, I can do it, but it's not going to feel good for a while.
  7. I LOVE that I don't drink or crave sodas anymore. I thought it would be difficult, but it's really not that bad. I don't even think twice about tasting them anymore. Now that's a good thing!

I thought this would be difficult, but surprisingly, this came quite easy today. I'm sure I could've listed more. That's not always the case.

So, on to the hard part. Now I get to "tag" 5 of my favorite bloggers to receive the award. Since Laurie listed a couple/few of my favs already, I get to list a couple of new ones - YIPEE!

And the award goes to . . .

Janine at Journey to a Mini Me

Jil at Shut Your Piehole

I said so at For Real, This Time

Kim at Faith, Grace & Giggles

Sheila at Stranger Than Fiction and More Fun too

Honestly, this part was more difficult than coming up with facts. I'm not sure who reads this blog. So, if you're out there and I don't know it, please drop a line and say "Hi". I'd love to hear from you!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

You know I feel for you on the insomnia! poor you! so sad about your sons father. The fruit wouldn't bother me because I can take it or leave it.
I dated V when I was 15 and have never dated anyone else ... I hope you meet "the one" without too much anxiety!
Thanks for the comment today on my blog! It has been a fun post to read the comments on!
Have a pretty night!

*Tracy* said...

found you thrue lauries blog so wanted to say hi!

Laurie ( said...

Yay, you got some of the girls that I wanted to put on mine.. next time I'm just cheating! :) I can't wait to read everyone else's blog too! Wahooo!!! :)

how did your interview go??