Thursday, January 22, 2009

So, I'm a little late

It has been a crazy week! I've been in training (at work) all week and have had absolutely NO time to even think, let alone writing about the trials and tribulations of my world. Ok, Ok, so I'm being a little bit dramatic, but it has been a little bit on the crazy side.

So, since I didn't post the successes of last week, I'll post those now. I was excited that after my post of motivation, I actually did something about it. I've been exercising! Yes, sir! Last week I met up with my Wii Fit trainer again and had some fun. Then, over the weekend, I moved that lovely little elliptical trainer into my room. Sure, it's quite a tight fit, but I figured that if I saw it in there taking up so much space that I'd get myself on it! Sure enough, it worked!!! I've been doing 30 minute stints on the Elliptical and feeling pretty good about it!

Don't get me wrong, there's still an inner struggle. I'll get on the machine and set it for 30 minutes. At about 5 minutes into the session, I'm convincing myself that 15 minutes will do, then I try to justify that I did 30 minutes yesterday and maybe I only need 20 today, or I'll do 20 now and then do something later. Fortunately, I've hit the 20 minute mark and thought to myself, "this isn't that bad, stop being such a baby" and I continue on to complete the full 30 minute workout. I hate that I have those lazy demons in my head, but they are there. I just have to ward them off with more exercise! Right?? Just wait until I start moving it up to 45 minutes, then an hour - what in the world will they do then???

Now, for the weigh in update, I got on the Wii Fit for my weekly weigh in and body test. I'm glad to report that my Wii Fit age is staying consistently under 30. That's PRETTY amazing, if you asked me. So, maybe there is something of validity in the Wii Fit process? The scale was also reporting a 1 pound loss. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed. I've lost a mere 3 pounds in the last 4 weeks. I know that my body is trying to catch up. I know that things have to slow down. I'm just not ready. So, I'm combating that with exercise and protein shakes. Let's see how next week's weigh in pans out. Right? I'm not giving up yet!!!

It's been a crazy busy week, but I'm looking forward to it getting better.


Sheila said...

Wow!!! I'm so happy for you. I had a minor victory with my scale today as well, I'm happy to say the Christmas poundage is officially gone!! WooHoo!!! I still have lots to take off, but with the holiday weight shed my motivatiton has taken a turn for the better! Now, I need to get an eliptical!

Heather said...

Good for you! You're making progress too! Isn't it so much easier when you are rewarded with good news! I'm glad to hear that the motivation is BACK! Let's do this!!!