Friday, January 30, 2009

The land of frogs and Princes

That's right! I'm talking about dating, again!

I got a call from a friend of mine the other night and he let me know he's ventured into the land of online dating. Is it really a bad place? Maybe. Anyway, it got me thinking about my current situation, including my whole dis-like for the dating world. He chose to go with a different online company than I did, and I thought maybe I should explore more options as well. So, yesterday, I did just that. I checked out the site - Fortunately for me, they were offering a "free" trial period. I have already been matched up with around 10 people. Sure, most of them won't stick, but some actually appear appealing. Apparently this is a division of but they have some scientific/personality way of matching people up. We'll see how well this works for us.

Anyway, this whole thing brought on a new question. What is your body type? What is any body's body type. I know that in the past I've never wanted to share this, but in an effort to be honest, I always picked the "more to love" option (could be more than a 5 year old, could be more than a sumo wrestler - beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?). I hate the idea of "big and beautiful" because when I'm big - I'm not beautiful to me so I can't imagine I'd be beautiful to anyone else either (yes, self-image issues are all over the place with me). Now, I'm nearly 90 pounds less than my former self and I still don't know what my body type would be. We are given options like; "average", "stocky", "full-figured", "athletic", "curvy", "a few extra pounds" and a couple of others. My question is . . . according to whom? Is this based on my idea of average? Is it based on what really is average? What is a "few extra pounds"? Would that be the 20 that I have left over or are we talking 10 extra or 50 extra? Couldn't someone be athletic and still be over 200lbs? Would that give the wrong message to someone else even if it were true? These types/titles seem so ambiguous that I'm not sure anyone would be able to answer these correctly. Does it really matter? So, how do you weed out the superficial blokes and get to the bottom of compatibility/companionship/someone to have a good time with? Am I just disliking this because I've been faced with this problem all of my life and I'm trying to find another excuse to fail in the dating world?

I'm feeling better about myself and about my health. I'm ready to get out and meet people, have a good time, and experience the life I've been hiding from. Maybe I'm going about this dating/socializing thing all wrong. What would you do?

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Just Me said...

One step at a time. Talking is a good thing. Personality and things in common are more important than body type. Of course you want someone that you can be proud of, but please lets not trash them before you know if they fit your personality.