Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do you think they took a part of my brain too?

I can't help but notice that I've been incredibly forgetful lately. Could it be surgery related? Ok, Ok, I'm being a little bit dramatic, but I don't remember being this forgetful pre-WLS.

Last week, I ran out of the vitamins that I keep at the office. I keep them here so I won't have to remember to bring them daily (not that I could remember). So, last Friday I tried to give myself a mental reminder to bring another bottle so I'll be vitamined through out the day. It's now THURSDAY and I still can't remember to bring them. Sure, I think about it EVERY DAY and yet, I leave the house vitaminless. It's not that big of a problem, but I then have to remember to take them when I get home so I am not deficient. It's just an annoyance.

It's not only vitamins. My Mom tried to get me to sign up for our cruise's "Fun Pass" about 3 times and I kept forgetting (as if she had never mentioned it at all). I finally got it all completed. Now, I just hope I don't forget that we're going on a cruise! That would be bad.

I can't be the only one that has memory problems, right? Is it just that I've hit "that age"? Could it really be something that happened since surgery? Will I get it back? What's that memory drug that's supposed to help? It's a bit frustrating.

On a good note, I hit the elliptical last night and WORKED MY TAIL OFF!!! It felt good, naturally, but it took getting over the sweat pouring down my body. Boy, did I sleep well last night!!! Two more sessions to go to make this a successful week. I'm on my way!


Sheila said...

I highly doubt they took part of your brain. I have had that problem too, and have found that using my phone really helps. I sync it up on my computer nightly and dates and reminders just pop up throughout the day. I think it's a sign of a busy schedule, and the fact that we are getting a little older!

Heather said...

EWWWW! So, I'll have to deal with this forever? That's not as encouraging as I'd like. We've got to fix this! I'll take your "phone" suggestion. Let's hope it makes at least a little bit of a difference! Good call!

Thank you!!