Thursday, January 15, 2009

When it all comes to a halt . . .

Have you ever been motivated and dedicated to doing something and all of a sudden, it comes to a sudden halt? That's what my day is like. I got to work and have been incredibly motivated and diligent about doing the things that need to get done. I've been making some serious mistakes lately and it's so hard for me to rectify these errors, but today, I was determined to do this. Even though it means that I might get chewed out. I might get reprimanded. I may even have to pay for the penalties, but yet, I let them happen. I'm a little bit disgusted with myself, so I came in today and have been on a path like no other to make things right. Until about lunch time. That's when it all stopped!

I knew I didn't have lunch plans for today so I decided to heat up a frozen item that I had in the freezer here at work along with a few chips I have at my desk to make a meal. Yeah me, right? Dedicated and focused. Well, once I ate, I just didn't feel good. Maybe a bagel dog is not the best option for a post-op-er? Well, now, I can't seem to get myself back into focus and there's still a TON of stuff to be done. Now what do I do?

Well, I answered that question with, "blog about it" of course! I thought that getting this all off my chest would make everything ok. Unfortunately, blogging has NOTHING to do with this icky feeling in my surgically altered state of a stomach. Ewww! Note to self: NO MORE BAGEL DOGS. I, of course, didn't even eat the whole thing. Maybe I should reconsider this as a lunch for my son (who LOVES the bagel dogs).

Other that that, things seem to be going well. I've actually gotten a lot of stuff done at work today. I've taken all of my vitamins (which is more habit now and rarely miss them anymore). I've consumed a LOT of water - which is a huge stretch for me. I used to drink water all of the time. It was easy. But since surgery, I struggle with water. I drink as much as I can and then by around noon time I'm bored with just water so I make iced tea which is a whole lot more fun. But today, I've had a lot of water - and now, I'm on to the tea! :-)

So, enough of the ramblings. I think I'm back to being focused and hopefully on my way to feeling better. I look forward to checking in tomorrow to review all of the successes of my week!

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