Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Things about me!

On my "Facebook" account I was tagged with a challenge to list 25 things about me. I don't always like to share everything about my WLS experiences with everyone so I kept most of those points out of my response. So, I thought I would use this post to explore the 25 things that come to my mind about where I really am and where I am going. It's actually a fun exercise, maybe you should try it too.
These are in no particular order, so here I go!

1. I am healthier today that I have been all my life.
2. I have lost 89 pounds
3. I am 20 pounds away from my goal
4. I enjoy exercising, probably because it doesn't hurt like it used to.
5. I want to work out with weights but I am afraid to join a gym because I'm afraid I won't go (that's what's happened in the past).
6. In an effort to not sound like Susan Powter - my legs don't touch anymore. That has never happened to me before.
7. My son says I should be on "The Biggest Loser" so he's going to get me the Wii Fit Jillian game instead.
8. I still try to eat things that I'm not supposed to and know I shouldn't. Sometimes I get sick, sometimes I don't.
9. I wish I could control my "head hunger".
10. I am afraid that the weight loss will stop before I'm ready for it to be over.
11. When I look in the mirror, I still see the "old" Heather.
12. I so want to buy new clothes and shoes but I don't have the money and I'm afraid to settle into a certain size when I know that I've still got 20 pounds to lose.
13. Even though my goal is to weigh 160 lbs, I still want to know what it's like to weigh 150.
14. I sometimes see pictures of myself (today) and I don't even recognize me.
15. I feel better about myself than I have in 8 years.
16. I sometimes am still afraid that I won't fit in the seats at the movie theater and am completely shocked when the arms don't even touch me!
17. I cross my legs all of the time (even when my legs fall asleep)- because I couldn't do that before.
18. I want to be more social.
19. I don't "love" going grocery shopping anymore because I can't eat all of the food that I "think" I can.
20. I still convince people to get more food than they should because I think I'll be eating more thank I really can.
21. I want to go to a clothing store and take pictures of me trying on all sorts of clothes that I wouldn't have normally worn just to see what they would look like.
22. I want to buy a sexy red dress and wear it out for a night on the town, just for fun.
23. I hate that I have "bat wings" but I love that my arms are getting smaller.
24. I am losing my "chest" and it makes me want to have plastic surgery.
25. I am excited about finding my "new" self!

Thanks! I needed that! :-)


Kim H. said...

I have a Jillian Michaels program for my treadmill... it's great! How do you like the game? I was going to get it.

I cross my legs all the time now too!

Heather said...

So, you like Jillian too? I haven't gotten the game just yet but if you say her treadmill program is good, the Wii Fit program has got to be worth trying. I'll let you know as soon as I get it.