Friday, February 13, 2009

Maybe I'm crazy?

No really, that must be the explanation to my most recent trials.

First, I've ventured into the online dating scene. I hate dating. I do, I do. And, sadly, it's not getting any better. Where is that perfect guy? Not "THE" perfect guy, so much, but the "perfect guy for me"? I'm looking and so far, I think he must hate dating as much as I do because he's not come out of hiding yet.

So, I'm doing the online dating thing. For those of you who are not familiar with the way this works, you typically get guided (through various ways) along the lines of communication. Email, questions, short answers, etc. But, you have to express interest first. Most of the time I'll express interest just because you never know who's out there until you really meet them, right? Well, not all of them express interest back. And those that do, basically drop off after the first round of questions. This leads me to my most current question. What in the world am I doing that turns people off before the first meeting (and sometimes before the first real email)? Sure, it's probably best that they weed themselves out because I'm not sure I could handle 10 dates a weekend, but what if one of those was a "good catch"? Then they just swim off down stream without even a chance to meet me. What a shame.

I actually do think it's a little comical, to be completely honest. I am so not into finding the "soul mate" or looking for someone to "complete me", but I'm looking for fun, easy going, exciting people to have a friends and if more blossoms, then great. But if not, then we still can be friends - right? Besides, I don't need a mate to complete ME as a person, but I'd like to have someone to share ME with and I'd share HIM as well. Well, I think I'm quite possibly the only one who thinks that way. A lot of these men are looking for that "soul mate" and if the chemistry isn't there or if I'm not giving them the vibe that I'm going to marry them next week - they like to move on. It's interesting.

What a journey. It's a crazy life, but someone has to live it. And I just had to get that off my chest so you get to read about it and be a part of the craziness too!

How's that for a Valentine's Day story?? :-)
Lots of love to you on this Pre V-day Friday!


Kim H. said...

I'd have to say that really - it's their loss in the end...

Heather said...

Thank you Kim! I appreciate your support!