Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's a great day for a funny story, don't you think?

And I just so happen to have a funny story! At least I think it's funny.

So, all you C & P girls (Thank you for this term Jil - Whether your co-worker knows it or not, she's created quite a "fun" word for such a Wonderful group of people) will have to let me know if this happens to you. I'm only saying this because this isn't the first time it's happened to me.

On to the story . . . today at work I was having to clean out what I like to call the "crap closet". Well, a vendor (that usually comes by often but since we've been slow hasn't been around) was in the plant and he saw me walking by. He said to me, "Hey girl, how are you?" and at that point I just KNEW that he didn't remember my name. I politely responded with, "I'm good thanks" and wondered on my way. Then the gentleman came into the office and stopped me and at that point he remembered my name. He said, "Wow, you've lost a lot of weight!" Of course, I responded with, "Yep, I sure have." He then proceeded to tell me that he didn't recognize me outside and honestly had no idea that was me. Of course, he was being very complimentary and I accepted the compliments with a smile (which, if anyone knows me, is INCREDIBLY difficult for me to do).
Here's where the funny part comes in. He then went on to tell me that he's working hard and trying to lose weight too. He said he knows it takes a lot of work but sometimes he's too lazy or doesn't think about what he's doing or fails to follow through on weekends - and on, and on, and on as if I were his personal trainer or counselor and he needed to make up excuses as to why he hasn't lost weight. The reason this is so funny to be is because he's not the first person to do this! This seems to happen often times when I see someone that I haven't been around in a while. Now, we need to keep in mind that the people who are feeding me these excuses don't necessarily know that I went through the C & P procedure. I don't know if they would change their tune if they knew this information or not. Typically when people find out about that they say stupid, ignorant things like "you took the easy way out" or "it's easy for you" or some other bull that is totally untrue.

Go ahead. Spill it. Does this ever happen to you?

I wonder . . . if I hadn't been over 100 lbs over weight and only had about 20 - 30 to lose and did so, would I get the same response? Or, is it that it's just so noticeable and people KNOW how hard it is to lose so much weight (no matter which way you chose to save your life) so they want to feel like they can accomplish something too?

This is just something that struck me as funny and odd today. I look back to a year or two ago and wish I would've made myself more accountable when I saw the success of others. Unfortunately, at that point in my life, any expression or desire to succeed in the shadow of others was merely an expression without the passion to follow it up. I thank God every day for bringing me to that point of recognizing the desperation (so to speak) and helping me to realize that I could manage the journey, not without trial, but with love and encouragement and I'm so glad that I listened!


Kim H. said...

Interesting - I haven't had that experience... people commenting at the office, yes - but excuses - no. How funny!

Michelle said...

People are strange, that is what I have found. Most thought I was dying of cancer when I started losing NO....hang in there you are doing great!!!