Friday, February 6, 2009

Because I'm curious . . .

My sister sent me a little "random question" note on Facebook and it sparked my interest. Sure, some of the questions were silly and simple, but fun. It made me think about how many questions I have in my head that I am truly curious to ask others about and I just never ask. So, I decided to post up a random question survey on my blog and see if anyone answers it. It may seem silly but trust me, I really do want to know what you think. We can treat this like a "tag" situation also. So, you can copy the questions and (if you feel comfortable sharing) post them on your blog for my pleasure (and that of many others, I'm sure).

Here are my questions (and answers):

1.) What is the most off the wall or funny excuse that you’ve ever heard?
A: Just this morning the teacher at the daycare was late and I'm sure she could tell I was frustrated by her tardiness so she tried to make conversation by asking, "Was it hailing for you?" Trying to make it seem like the hail is what made her late. I said, "No, is it hailing here? I live across the street"

2.) Do you dance like crazy when no one is looking?
A: Are you kidding? I dance around like a kid with his first sparkler!

3.) What do you do when you know the person in the next car is looking at you?
A: I actually start laughing and act like I'm having a great conversation even if I'm all by myself. I'm a goofball!

4.) What (seemingly) popular word or phrase drives you crazy or makes you cringe??
A: LOL - not so much the written text, but when people actually SAY "L O L"???? What is that all about?

5.) Did you have a favorite toy/item when you were a kid?
A: Yep. The kitchen! And boy did I make messes!

6.) Do you prefer card games or board games? What’s your all-time favorite?
A: I'd have to say cards (though I like all sorts of board games). My favorite would have to be Canasta (it was my first card love).

7.) When you are alone what do you most enjoy doing?
A: Being alone!!!! It happens rarely. I actually enjoy baking when I'm alone. Then, of course, it gives me a reason not to be alone because I'll typically take the dish somewhere to be shared!

8.) What is the first thing you do when you get up every morning?
A: I get a pair of underwear out of my drawer (practically in my sleep) and stumble to the bathroom.

9.) What topics of conversation make you most uncomfortable?
A: Politics/Religion - when someone thinks/knows they are right and can't accept differing opinions. That's irritating. We all have an opinion and we don't have to accept others as our own, but we do have to respect that others don't see things exactly as we expect them to. Right?

10.) What is the most rewarding experience you’ve ever had?
A: I must say having a child having a child tops my list but the process of the WLS and finding myself in this last 9 months comes in a close second.

How would you answer??


Janine said...

hehe - I am enjoying these little random questions, it is like alittl ebit of an insight into people's lives. I agree with question 9 when people can't respect others opinions, but I also like having a general discussion about both religion and politics as I am the type of person who learns from others as much as what I read. Healthy debate good , Arguements - BAD

Heather said...

I love learning about people too! I love to learn from people too. I'm with you on the "healthy debate good - arguments BAD"! In fact, I feel good about coming away from a healthy debate with more information from the other side. The arguments just piss me off! :-)

Thanks for sharing!!!