Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's all about accountability, right?

In an effort to be honest to myself, about myself, and for myself, I am posting today - even though I really don't want to.

My last post (last week) was positive! I was certain that I was heading in the right direction. I was pretty confident that I had things figured out. But, this week, I got on the scale and was nearly slapped in the face! WHOA! Yep. My scale was up 4 lbs from last week. REALLY? Who gains 4 lbs in a week? Apparently, I do.

I really didn't want to share. I didn't want to talk about it. I just wanted it to go away. But, let's be honest, I started this blog for accountability. I want to record the Highs & Lows. It's about recording the success and the set-backs that make this journey a TRUE journey. It's not easy people! Most of us know this. But instead of hiding and running away from the reality, I have to figure out what has gotten me here! So, this is what I intend to do!

I definitely think that the lack of the gym membership and the constant, intentional exercise has played a big part in this. So, back to moving! Intentional moving! Building up the metabolism. I have the new Wii Active game/program and I really want to make that work for me. So, I plan to start the 30 day challenge on July 1! Should be an adventure, right?

I also know that I need to watch what I've been eating. The snacks are slowly, but surely creeping in. I've heard it, from so many others, that the snacks just creep back into our lives before we know it. It certainly has found me. So, I will be conscious of what's going on around me and weed out the unhealthy snacks/choices. Who needs them anyway?

I know, I know, it's only a week. But if I don't take action now and realize what I'm doing, It's possible that it will get the best of me! And I'm SO not ready to let that happen! I've been in a "funk" and I can't let that "funk" drive me to do things that I know aren't good for me. But I know better.

So . . . this roller coaster journey continues!


Janine said...

Hey Heather

I really thing a few of us are going through a funk at the moment, and I am sure that if we all maintain positive attitudes we can get through anything!!!

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

I have had days like that where I don't want to report what I did, but I think its good you do.

Emmett said...

I have gained 4lbs in two days before. I agree completely, you need to record the highs and lows.

jil said...

I am there with ya Heather...you can do this!

Kim said...

You'll get back on the right track! I find that when I do intentional exercise, eating a little of things I shouldn't eat doesn't do me any harm. But not moving and eating that way definitely does!

Kim H. said...

Help me too! Geez - depending on who's scale you ask... I'm either in a state of maintaining or I've gained 11 pounds! YIKES!

The sugar that I've allowed back into my diet is crazy - and I know it started with the fertility meds... but I haven't been on those since April 7th! Why can't I get control over this!?