Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The ABC's of Heather . . .

Yesterday, I read a blog post on Thoughts by Kim and loved it! I wanted to see if I could successfully fill an alphabet with the ABC’s of me. So, here’s my attempt:

A – Adventure. I’m all about adventure. I love to create adventure just for adventure’s sake. I want to explore things and visit places just to be adventurous. Oh yes, I even like to try new “hole in the wall” coffee shops or restaurants just to see if there’s something fun in them. I’m an adventurer. Maybe I’m not a “Survivor” adventurer, but an adventurer in my own mind.

B – Bugs. I don’t like bugs. Now, it’s summer time and bugs seem to be all over the place. I don’t like them. I’m not killing them, but I don’t like them either.

C – Commuting. I’ve recently increased my commute time by 20 minutes each way. It now takes me an hour to get to work and an hour to get home. I don’t know that I’m cut out for this. And I wonder why I’m exhausted when I get home?

D – Dread. I’m beginning to dread coming to work. Not because I don’t like the drive or the work, but I’m really getting frustrated with the people. I don’t know why others can be so insistent on making their surroundings uncomfortable. I need a vacation. Oh wait – that should be on V!

E – Exercise. I’m not doing enough. I need to get my self in gear and get back on track. I’ve got plenty of flab to turn into muscle. Of course, I have to wait for clearance from the surgeon, but I should get that on Monday. And I’m already cleared to walk – why am I not doing this??

F – Florida. Yep. The state. I have a friend that lives there. I really want to visit. I’ve never been to Florida. But, he’ll have to invite me because I’m too proud to invite myself.

G – Grateful. I am grateful for so many things such as my son, my family, my friends, and the new journey that I’m venturing through. I want to get as much out of it all as I possibly can.

H – Health. I feel like I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. Sure, I’ve lost some muscle mass and some strength, but I can get that back. I can move, I can breathe, and I can TIE MY SHOES!!! This is a big deal and I am grateful for a healthier me!!!

I – Inspired. Over the past year I’ve been so inspired by so many of the blogs that I read and by “getting to know” people in the WLS community. We’re all on a similar path yet I find that I gain so much from the experience of others. Thanks to all of my cyber friends that are willing to be open, honest, true and willing to share. Whether you know it or not, someone is gaining a lot from what you share!

J – Jogging. That’s a new word in my vocabulary. I haven’t actually done it yet, but I’m very tempted to start. I want to have the energy to jog. I want to be able to enjoy jogging. I’m not there yet, but I do want to be.

K – Knight in Shining Armor. Where in the world is this guy???? I’ve been waiting and waiting and I think he may be lost! I don’t really need to be rescued, but I wouldn’t mind riding off into the sunset!

L – Laughter. I love to laugh. I laugh a lot. I wish I laughed more. I wish everyone laughed more. I love having something that cracks me up so much that every time I think about it, I break out in laughter. Sometimes I laugh at things that don’t actually happen. But I play out how it “could” happen (in my head) and I can’t help but laugh! I’m a mess!

M – Muffin. That’s the nickname that we gave my little one before he was even born. He doesn’t really like it, but I just can’t stray away. Anytime I hear that word, I beam! He’s my little muffin and I’d be LOST without him!

N – Naked. I’m still not comfortable with myself naked. I’m not positive that I ever will be. But I’d like to be content with it. Someday, maybe?

O – Online dating. I don’t know why I’m still doing this. I hate dating. Online dating is even worse. I guess I still have a feeling that maybe there is someone out there. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll keep doing this much longer. Where are the normal folk?

P – Pilot. As in Honda Pilot. It’s what I drive. I love my car/suv. I really do. It’s funny that this morning I realized why I’ve always been drawn to the SUV type of cars. It’s because I’ve always been big. I never wanted to be the “big” girl getting out of a tiny car. Plus, SUVs are much easier to get in/out of – you don’t have to roll out (like you do with a small car). Now, I wonder if I’d like a smaller car. Honestly, I think I would. It would certainly save on fuel! Convertible, here I come! J

Q – Question. I love questions. I love asking them. I love being asked. I’m not afraid of questions. Sometimes, you should be afraid of the answers, but I welcome questions. It’s a form of getting to know people. For the most part, I like getting to know people!

R – Ramble. I tend to be a rambler, especially when I’m journaling or writing. I tend to go on and on, sometimes about nothing. Can you tell?

S – Sunshine. I am a HUGE fan of the sunshine. Not so much the heat, but I love to be out in the sunshine when I get a chance.

T – Travel. I have a huge desire to travel. I don’t always have the money or the time, but if I did, I’d be all over the place!

U – Uber. This is probably my new favorite word. I am “uber” excited when I get to use this word. I’m a sucker for new, unique words. Sometimes when I can’t find any, I’ll just make them up!

V – Vacation. I warned you at “D”! I need a vacation. A fun, exciting, get away and a “forget about everything” vacation. Where would I go?

W – Weight. It’s something that means a lot to me. I will face the idea and the struggles of weight for my entire life. I welcome the challenge.

X – Xylophone. I’ve never owned a Xylophone. I don’t think I ever want to. (Yeah, yeah, call me a cheater. But it’s true!) J

Y – Yoga. This is something I would LOVE to start. Have you seen the bodies of people that do yoga? Knock-outs! I’m a little bit nervous about it because I fear that I’m not flexible and I wouldn’t be able to do half of the poses. But, as they say, practice makes perfect.

Z – Zingers. Those little devilish snack cakes! For some reason, I love those little suckers. I don’t eat them anymore, but I still like them and think I can from time to time. It’s sad that this is what comes to mind when I think of the letter Z.

What a fun exercise this has been. It may take a little time to put together, but you should give it a try!

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Kim H. said...

Good job... I loved your letters... it's amazing how weight loss or anything WLS related never made it on my list - I guess I've moved into a new phase and don't really think about the surgery much... maybe that's a bad thing?