Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Tuesday Weigh-in Report!

Imagine that!!! It came back down. Sure, I'm still up .5 lbs from last week, but I can hang with that. We'll just call that weight a surgical side effect.

Yep! I weighed in today and I was at 170.5. I think this is good and bad. There's a huge part of me that thinks feels like this is it. I won't get much lower than this. Can I complain, really? I have NEVER in my adult life been at this weight. I still don't feel like I weigh 170. I don't feel like I look it either. But the lovely, little scale is telling me so. What is 170 supposed to look like? What's it supposed to feel like? Is it all subjective? Does it really matter? How much different will 160 feel from 170? If it feels better (health-wise, energy-wise, image-wise) then I want to be there. So, until I really know what it's like, I guess I'm still trudging on! My first goal is to get that 1.5 lbs off so I can "officially" say I'm 100 lbs lighter!!!

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Kim H. said...

You can do it!! :-)