Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She's back . . .


It's true, it's true! I'm back from vacation! Unfortunately, now I REALLY need a vacation. I'm exhausted! That's not exactly how I had planned for things to work, but what can you do? Right?

So, last Thursday 26 of my family members and I took a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. It was a great time! I did learn a LOT from this weekend. I'm not sure if I can/should blog about it all, but it was definitely a learning experience (from various perspectives).

Today also happens to be the day that I do my weekly weigh in. Sure enough, I LOST WEIGHT! What? I know! It's true, it's true, there is a way to lose weight on a cruise. Unfortunately, it's probably not the healthiest way to do it, but it happened. I probably drank more than I ate (not a good thing). Sometimes, that's what family and having fun will do to you. This is just one of the things I had learned (there is no need to consume so much alcohol! It makes me crazy).

Another thing that I learned about myself while I was away was how much I depend on my WLS cyber friends & blog postings. I honestly almost felt lost not being in contact with what was happening. I kept wondering what you all were doing and how I was going to share about my experiences. I even wondered, if I were more connected, would I have gotten so carried away?

Anyway, I did end up having a fabulous time. I didn't get nearly enough sleep and haven't been able to sleep well since I've been back. I'm hoping that (now that I'm back to work & the routine) I'll be able to catch up and get some good sleep tonight. I certainly need it, before I go pulling my hair out.

I will say, it's strange, when I do fall asleep, I have crazy dreams about the ship that I was on, people that were on it and how many ways I lost my camera. Yep! I lost my camera on the first night! I'm devastated and I really think it's taking a toll on me (even emotionally). Doesn't that sound crazy? I so wanted to have new photos to post and be able to share about my experiences and have things to back them up, but I recklessly lost the camera and it's really getting to me. I don't even really know why it's affecting me so much, but it is. I just keep praying that it will be found and returned to me. I know that the camera is replaceable, but the photos on it are not.

I do have so much to say, share, ponder and really get a grip on - but I have so much to do and catch up on that I just can't concentrate on it right now. Maybe it'll be a multiple-post day? Besides, I have a ton of reading/catching up to do to find out how everyone else has been while I've been out.

I hope all is well and I can't wait to hear about all the stories I've missed since I have been gone.


Kim H. said...

WHOA! Girlie... relax... I'm sure that this post has exhaustion coming through, but it'll be alright.

First off - give yourself a break on the drinking/weight loss front - we all have momentary slip ups and it's okay... just do your best to get back on track.

We missed you too - or at least I did!! I'm so funny about missing my blog friends - I even get bored on the weekends (if I'm not outside doing CRAZY amounts of yard work!) when they don't post.

I'm sorry to hear about your camera, but hang in there - I'll bet that they find it. :-)

Liza said...

Welcome back! Why are you beating yourself up if you lost weight anyway? I'd say you're allowed to have some fun once in a while, especially if you still got positive results from it! Take a deep breath & relax - you had a great trip and that is awesome! I'm glad you're back!

Kim said...

Your cruise sounds like a blast and is something I have always wanted to do! I think when you can break your routine by going on vacation and still lose weight, you are doing GREAT!
I'd be freaked out by the camera thing too. Hopefully it will turn up, though unfortunately, there often seems to be more dishonest people out there than honest ones!

GastricGirl said...

I'm so glad you're back! I missed reading your posts! I am glad you had a great time, and I'll echo everyone else.. stop beating yourself up.. Just dust yourself off, and move on! :) And, you lost weight, so yay! Just rehydrate yourself and love the loss! :)