Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Could the plateau be back already??

Happy weigh in day! Sure, I know that not everyone weighs in on Tuesdays, but it's fun to think we all do.

I have had an incredibly busy week and weekend. I guess I should be happy that the scale didn't go anywhere as opposed to going up - which it very well could have done. So, I'll keep my 178. That's quite an accomplishment! I'm really excited about getting to 175 though. I've never seen 175. I guess I've had never seen 178 before either, but 175 sounds so much better. I know that it looks much different on me than I think it looks on others, but I can't wait to be there! Maybe that's why these plateaus are so painful. There are mini-goals that I'm just not getting to and it's tough.

I missed a few workouts last week, due to the training, the weekend full of parties & family, and the craziness that is my life and motherhood. I did get back to the gym and worked this jiggle into quite a sweat! Which has brought me to the conclusion that it's hard work getting half-assed!

I have decided (through much evaluation and negotiation) to keep my personal trainer (little Micah) for another 8 weeks. I think it will really pay off. I may not love the personal training sessions, but I love the insight they provide. I also love the accountability and the new/creative way of exercising that I haven't yet explored. 8 more weeks/sessions will get me within 3 weeks of my 1 year surgiversary. If things are well and I feel like the personal training touch is necessary, that may just be my surgiversary gift to myself. We'll just have to see. I SO want to be at my goal by May 22. So, all I need to do is keep on keeping on - right? And that is what I shall do!

I must admit, I'm feeling very good. I do have energy. I am sleeping a bit better. I'm still suffering from what I like to call/think of as post-op insomnia. But when I do sleep, I sleep well. So, that has to count for something.

It's good to be back and back in the routine. I can't wait to see how well I do next week!

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Kim H. said...

Oh girl - my life is one giant plateau... I'm up a few - then I'm down a few... whatever it is - it is consistently inconsistent. ARG!