Friday, March 20, 2009

Success! Finally!

Lately, I've had a huge desire to experiment in the kitchen, like I used to. Well, I don't cook or even play nearly as often as I used to. This is probably because I don't eat like I used to and I don't have a ton of people around me to share it with. All that doesn't really matter. What matters is, I've been wanting to make some fun things, and have them be both good and good for me.

So, a few weeks ago Eggface (, who posts wonderful ideas and recipes (like protein ice cream that even non-ops like) and all sorts of fun for the WLS world, posted a recipe for "mini protein donuts". I was so excited about the idea of having "healthy" donuts that I ordered the pan online. Well, I first attempted to make these donuts about 2 weeks ago and they turned out horribly! REALLY! And I thought, "Why in the world would someone think these are good"? And I decided, maybe it was just my tastes (everything has changed since surgery).

Last night, I decided I wasn't ready to give up on the donuts just yet. Besides, I had just bought the pan! I can't let it go so soon. I made a few minor changes to the recipe and BAM! They were GREAT! Seriously! I ate two (frozen) for breakfast and I was so glad I did. Finally, I get to feel successful in the kitchen again.

The night before, I had made some "mini" apple crisp (made with Splenda brown sugar) and they turned out fabulous also! So, I may be back in the kitchen! This has made my week. Now, I'm excited to explore opportunities and see what other recipes I can make. Kim, your "cuisine" is next on my list! :-)

So, I must say, a day that started off with donuts can't be all that bad, right? I'm excited about the weekend and looking forward to serious productivity and pampering!


Liza said...

Sounds yummy! I have found eggface too and I am already collecting a ton of her stuff to try post-surgery. Post anything good you find!!! Have a great weekend and thanks for your awesome words of wisdom on my blog today!

Kim H. said...

Ummm - I MUST know how you made the doughnuts - and now I'm going to have to find out where to order a pan myself.

I also need to know the apple crisp recipe... cause I'm always looking for new healthy desserts - because those of us in this house like dessert too much to never have it again.

I'm making stuffed strawberries tomorrow - I posted them today and I'm pumped... I bought a pastry bag kit at the store tonight just for stuffing!

I can't wait to hear what you try, and like...

GastricGirl said...

I love eggface's site! :) There are so many yummy recipes on it! I'm glad round 2 on the donuts was successful, and the apple crisp sounds divine!