Thursday, November 13, 2008


WOW! I've never experienced the Taco Bell "mexi-melt" before today. I must admit, that's a tasty little morsel! The other huge benefit of the mexi-melt is how much protein they pack in that little bite. there are 15 grams of protein! That's 6 more grams than my usual (the Crunchy Taco Supreme). I must admit, I was a little bit leery of trying this adventure because I don't really do well with flour/bread/tortillas. That's why the crunchy tacos work better for me, they are crunchy and don't typically swell up in the itsy bitsy pouch I've come to know and love. But, much to my surprise, I ate the whole thing. Sure, I'm pretty full right now, but it was a fun adventure that I wasn't expecting. I'm sure this will only be an occasional treat, but it was a fun find. Not to mention, Taco Bell is a common place for friends and family to go. So, now, I feel like I have choices and won't be quick to say, "Um, can we pick something else"?

So, besides Taco Bell brightening my day, the day has not been overly eventful. I have gotten a lot of work accomplished. I did get on my Wii Fit today and the BMI was down just slightly. I'm still over 30 (30.04 to be exact) but I'm working on it. I've not been exercising due to the illness that I have been plagued with, but I will get back on track soon. I feel the need to exercise. I feel like I've been so sluggish. I'm not near as proud of my accomplishments when I don't feel the energy or the pull of recently exercised muscles. I'll get back on and soon be singing the praise of sore muscles and back aches! YIPEE!


Michele Elaine said...

I can't believe you haven't tried a mexi-melt before! That is crazy talk. I love those guys. But they are really high in fat content, so I typically avoid them these days. That's because I don't have an ity bity pouch, and I would eat 4 of them!

Heather said...

I know, I know! What was I thinking? Yes, they do have a lot of fat, but a lot of protein (often times) comes with a lot of fat. I'll have to watch it. But of course, I'm more than satisfied on one. So, it shouldn't be so bad.

By the way, my pouch isn't really "ity bity" but it's still smaller than before.