Friday, July 2, 2010

How can I make a difference today?

I'm sitting here "playing" on my computer while my son is sitting (just a few feet away from me) playing a video game. I started thinking, "hey, this is what we did yesterday." I'm nearly ashamed to admit it, but it was a sad day. I was obsessively searching for jobs, submitting applications, and checking to see if anyone had read or responded to those. Sure, we got up and away from our technology for an hour to clean. But honestly, one hour to be up and at 'em in an 8 hour time frame? This is not acceptable! Yes, I did get up, shower, and take the little giant to karate, but really? Do you know what we could've done with those 8 hours? A LOT!

So, today, this will change. We will make a difference and a change in our lives today. I haven't yet decided what we will do, but it's going to be something and it's going to be active! I'm thinking about hitting the roller rink, the library, or the craft store (by the way, I'm always up for suggestions). Something so that the little one doesn't have to say, "I just played video games all day long." What kind of a summer would that be??

Here's to creating a very fun, eventful, and happy Friday! I hope you are all able to make a difference in today too!!!

Happy Friday!

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Janine said...

Umm, thinking - most of my weekends are just in front of the computer playing WOW, but this weekend I am going to be baking gluten free stuff...and hopefully making it work!!