Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anyone else just trying to catch up?

Wow! When did Wednesday get here? I've been in a bit of a tunnel since last week. Boy, have I had some adventures!

It's funny how dependent we become on little things like "technology". I was trying to be proactive and get some things (like my iPhone) updated. I felt good about it until I "fried" my phone! I lost everything! The phone wouldn't even turn on/off. I had a blank screen and no where to go. I was without a phone for over 24 hours this weekend (through Monday). I constantly claim that I do not get calls or say that I don't "need" to be contacted or have contact with others so much. I was so wrong! I was nearly lost without that thing! Not to mention that I have applications and resumes out and can't very well receive the call to be interviewed without my phone! Fortunately, I was able to march into the Apple store (had to make an appointment) and get it all fixed. I lost a bunch of my contacts and things, but I was able to get the phone restored and even got a call for an interview!!! YIPEE!

This week started rough, but it is turning out to be good. I received OFFICIAL notification this morning that I am now a CALIFORNIA CREDENTIALED TEACHER! Celebration is in order. On second thought, I will wait to celebrate until AFTER tomorrow's interview! Yep! I have an interview tomorrow for a 5th grade position (fingers crossed & prayers are flying). I'm trying to hold back with telling people and getting my hopes up, but I can't help but be grateful for the opportunity. One of them has to work out, right??

So, in a nut shell, I've had/seen the good, the bad, and the ugly this week. But I've got some great things to look forward to and I choose to be excited about those good things!

Happy Wednesday!

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Janine said...

Oh good luck for the interview......but arghhh panic about the phone. We were a bit like that this week when Si's Monitored fried itself and nothing we could do to fix it......just had to scrape up the money and buy a new one!!!