Wednesday, December 3, 2008

On the third day of Christmas . . .

Oh wait! It's just the third day of December! :-)

Well, if I were singing the song, today's verse would say that my true love gave me nothing but heartache. Am I being dramatic or what?

Today has been an interesting day. I guess that's to top off my interesting week? Maybe I'm back to secreting all of those ridiculous hormones into my system from all of this weight loss? Maybe I'm being a little bit dramatic again, but I've got to have something to explain it all away, right?

So, I went to my very first WLS support group meeting last night. The meeting itself was good/bad and fortunately not so ugly! It started off with the "founding" surgeon of this practice giving us a medical look at what goes on long term regarding weight loss/gain, appetite, and what happens when you try to eat too much (creating a second stomach and all). It was great to talk in such an open forum and get the real "meat" of what happens. I loved that. I also liked sharing ideas and getting to boast about my experience with the Wii Fit. I swear I should work for Nintendo! Anyway, that was great. I must admit, it was absolutely crazy to hear that someone (one of the 3 year post ops) thought I was at goal. She had no idea that I was only 6 months out of surgery. WHAT? Are you serious? I am barely out of the 200s and I still have 35 + pounds to lose. What was she thinking? She has to see that I'm still packing extra weight. Especially since she's so much smaller than I am. Sure, it made me kind of smile, but I just don't see it. Am I kidding myself? Is this really happening?

The part I wasn't so excited about was the organization. It didn't seem like there was a plan. We didn't have specific topics to talk about. We did go over exercises and techniques (which were great and very helpful) but other than that, it was just a bit of chatting. Maybe the next one will be better? It was a pretty long drive for a week night to just get in a bit of chatting. But, I won't discount it until I try again (at least ONE more time). Plus, the next time, the psychologist is supposed to be there. THAT is exciting to me.

The other funk has to do with this whole dating thing. I really don't know where to stand on the dating issue. I'm an "old-fashioned" type of girl. I guess I expect the gentlemen to be gentlemen. I expect to be the one receiving phone calls, being asked out with plans being made and all of that mumbo jumbo. Does that even happen anymore? Maybe I'm just out-dated? Maybe the "good 'ol boys" don't exist anymore? And then when I thought I had the interest of one (and I was/am interested too) all communication stops. I was told I'd get a call on Monday, but didn't. Now it's Wednesday and I feel forgotten. Sure, I could pick up the phone and call too, but am I committed enough to "chase"??? Wow! Who knew I'd be struggling so much with the whole idea of dating? If I didn't like it before, I really don't like it now!

I hate that this whole post has been so negative. Not EVERYTHING in my world is negative. That's just what I've focused on today. I will be positive that things will get better. Sometimes, I just need to vent. Maybe it's all because I missed my current Favorite show? I'll watch my DVR'd Biggest Loser tonight and all will be better!


Just Me said...

I'm sorry that you are feeling blue. Life is full of ups & downs. Keep the positive outlook and focus on the good things. As you said there are alot of good things in your life.

Congratulations on the excellent weight loss. You are doing so good! Keep it up!

Sheila said...

I guess I'm a little late on this one, I mean after your weekend and all ;)! At-any-rate, I love you, and you are doing a fantastic job!