Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's weigh in day!

Boy! How time flies when we're busy, busy, busy. Tis the season, huh? Well, it's true. The madness began after Thanksgiving when I realized that I have to get ready for our company's Christmas party and I haven't gotten nearly enough done. Fortunately, I'm taking care of this a little at a time, but it's still taking more time than I really have. But, we'll pull it all together and it's going to be great! I'm super excited. We've got great things planned and great things to give away. People are going to love coming to my parties!!! Yipee!

So, today was weigh in day. I can honestly say that I hadn't even thought about a scale ALL week long. In fact, I almost forgot that I was supposed to weigh today. I was at 190.5 - I'm almost out of the 190s. AMAZING!!!! Still feeling good. Hopefully looking good. And now I'm just working toward better! :-)

I did have a "Wow" moment last night. Of course, I have to find a great dress for this weekend's Christmas party. If you've been keeping up with me, you know that I dread shopping and have turned it into an almost phobia. Well, my sister had offered me some dresses, I took them. My roommate had offered me some dresses too. So, last night there was a little fashion show at my house. I was floored! The 16s were too big and the 14s fit! Sure, it's exposing a little more than I want to, but it looks great! A 14 looks great? What in the world? I can only imagine what the 10 will look like (not this year - but maybe next?)! I'll have to post pictures after the event.

Things are going pretty well. I've got a very busy December planned with this week's Christmas party and traveling next week to visit friends in So. Cal., but I'm really looking forward to them all. I can't wait to see so many great people and really get to catch up. That's what Christmas/holiday time is all about - right?

I look forward to having some exciting stories to share!

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