Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Tuesday?

That's a good question. Why is it that I chose Tuesday to do weekly weigh ins? At first, I thought Tuesday would be a great day because it's in the middle(ish) of the week, and it's not Monday. But now, I'm questioning that decision. I guess it doesn't really matter what day you actually weigh in, but it's a matter of accountability. So, I'm forcing myself to be accountable once again, even though I really don't want to today.

I was back up to that ugly 171 this morning. Sure, I know that I didn't drink much water this weekend and I did eat more than I should've, but that doesn't make it easier to see the number. I knew it was going to be up. I knew where I went wrong. But it still isn't easy to see it. So, the "honeymoon" phase is over for me. I think that's official. Now, it's dedication and effort. That's all that will get me where I want to be and keep me there!

So the adventure continues . . .


"Snack" to Weight Loss Eating? said...

I have had plenty of times I didn't want to weigh in. You are right though, its about accountability.

Emmett said...

I went up 10lbs in one week, by eating a lot and drinking a lot. Hang in there, we can both do it!