Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Thursday? When did that happen?

So, I was sitting here realizing that I didn't get to post on my weekly weigh in day. Here I thought I was only a day behind. Then, I realized, it's THURSDAY!!!!

I'm in over my head. It's true. Work has been extremely tough and has kept me so busy I haven't been able to read blogs/keep up to date/let alone think about something that I get to post for myself. Then, in the evenings, I'm spending the time that I have packing and cleaning and moving and all that jazz.

I will say . . . I have still be able to do at LEAST 30 minutes of intentional activity for the 30 for 30 challenge. I may be cheating a little bit because a few times I've used moving and packing, but it is constant movement and I even wake up sore in the mornings. I certainly hope that life (as I currently know it) will slow down and allow me to enjoy a little more.

I DID make it on the scale this week. I don't know if it's good or bad, but the scale didn't move! It's good - because it didn't go up. It's bad - because it didn't go down either. I will not make my goal of being 100 lighter by my 1 year surgeons appointment (unless I can drop 6 lbs in 4 days), but I'm ok with that.

I found a piece of paper the other day, in my moving frenzy, and I was so blown away by this finding. The paper had a list of goals that I had written out a year ago (before surgery). I was so blown away because back then, I don't think I believed in myself. It really opened my eyes to what I truly was feeling last year (and so many times before).

Here are some things on the list:
  • Be under 200 lbs
  • Be able to shop in a "non" large sized store
  • Be able to exercise for more than 20 minutes without feeling like I was going to die
  • Be able to purchase undergarments from Victoria's Secret

The fun thing about the items on the list? I've done them all! And I'm still improving!!!!! I have been focusing on being all the way to goal, or on being done with this journey. But the reality is . . . I will NEVER be done. I will always be focused on this goal of being healthy and I will always be striving to be better and keep it off.

I may never get to what I originally thought of as a "number goal" but I have achieved so much already that it doesn't matter. I am a success and I can do all of the things that I thought were too hard (as of last year). I am grateful for the tool and the gift that I have . I am excited to be closing this first year of trials, experiments, tests, and milestones. I'm really looking forward to living as the newer, healthier version of me!


Laurie ( said...

Isn't it fun finding stuff that the "old you" has written? That's great! Congrats on doing so well on the challenge.. I have lost 2 days, but am treading along.. I'm making up the time on the days that i could go, but one day I didn't even go to work! Damn the man!

Maybe the next challenge should be 10 days! hahah

Laurie said...

I love reading your Blog and I think It's awesome to actually see what progress you made not only visually(size wise) but mentally, by reading what you wrote the previouse year. I'm a pre WLS and I find that your blog is real and honest like the others I follow. I look forward to more post!

Kim H. said...

I totally understand what you're saying - I've actually done things (and enjoyed them) that I wouldn't even even dreamed of putting on my list.

I mean seriously a year and a half ago - it never would have occured to me that I'd enjoy mowing the lawn! :-)

Hang in there - the move will be over soon and you can enjoy life to the fullest again.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated year out and better for it...hope it was a happy day!

Kim said...

Good for you! I so wish I was below 200lbs! I have seven more pounds to go to get there (down 109 but am over a year out of surgery) and I am determined to get there!
You must feel fabulous about all you have accomplished!