Monday, August 16, 2010

It's going to be a MONDAY!

I am not exactly looking forward to today. The fact that today is Monday just tops it off. Today, I get to take my 7 year old for a root canal. Yep! About a month ago we went to a water park and my son fell and cracked/broke his two front (permanent) teeth. Well, the injury killed the nerve in the tooth that had the least physical damage. So, now he gets to have a root canal. Here's why it's so scary. I've never even had a root canal. I don't know what to expect. I KNOW that he doesn't do well with needles and I don't do well with him being in pain. So, what's a parent supposed to do? I don't know, so I just freak out a little bit and let him know that I love him dearly! :-)

The doctor that is performing the procedure has already said that the kids typically do better when the parents are not in the room. He said that I'm welcome to stay, but I may not want to - for the good of my little one. I'll, of course, leave it up to him. I think the doctor is right, but I think I'll freak out more than the little one will. EEEKKK.

So, I'm praying for my nerves today. I want to be calm, cool, and collected. Unfortunately, it's easier said than done. So, thought a little vent session this morning would help! Let's hope it does!

I hope blogland is having a fantastic day!!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

How did the root canal go?! I have had one and I HATE the dentist ~ but they are not bad .
Please let us know asap!! Thank you so very much for your wonderful , sweet and encouraging comment on my blog. How special! THANK YOU!

Laurie ( said...

Poor little guy.. how did it go? I hope all is well with you... xoxo