Friday, November 13, 2009

Do things ever really work out as we plan them to?

I'm beginning to think that things work out how they work out regardless of our plan. This may not be a bad thing, but for the planners, it's not a good thing either.

We, my son and I, were supposed to go out of town for a fun weekend with friends from Southern California. I had made arrangements to stay, called all of the people I wanted to see, and started to pack my bags. I haven't seen these folks in a while. Then . . . it happened. The poor little one got sick and I had to scrap it all. I'm sure it's all for the best, but it's just a little disappointing. Now, what is supposed to happen to make it all worth it?

So, I did go to the support group I spoke of on Monday night. It was a good time of sharing and getting to know some new people. I will say, for the first time, I was dumbfounded when one of the other support group attendees asked me what it was like being "normal" or "normal sized". I thought, "what? Who are you talking to?" When I realized she thought *I* was the normal sized person, I almost laughed. I still don't see it. Strange, isn't it? I still think they are just making 12's and 10's bigger these days. Why can't I see it? Why can't I feel it? Will I ever?

So, I've made a new goal for myself. I purchased the book, "Joining the Thin Club" months ago. I think it's time that I whip that "bad boy" out and get to reading. I could use some eye opening right about now. So, I NOW plan to tackle the book this weekend and see what kinds of improvements are going to hit me upside the head.

Has anyone out there read the book? Is it helpful? Wonderful? Worth the read? Do you have any other suggestions for helping with the mental case of weight loss and the after effects of it?

As far as the rest of life, things are still seeming to do well. I am looking forward to a good weekend full of healing (on the part of the child) and relaxing (this one is for me). I hope the weekend proves to be wonderful for all!

Happy Friday!!


Kim H. said...

Does that book somehow talk about wrapping your brain around being smaller? I need one like that, BUT also one that tells me how to get back to my WLS roots now that the fertility stuff is over - and lose this weight that I gained back. UGH!

Hua said...

I'm glad to hear you have made a new goal for yourself, I think you will really enjoy "Joining the Thin Club". Congratulations on your weight loss progress, you look amazing!

Director of Bloggers

Laurie ( said...

Where have you been, young lady!? You are missed!!!